Best way to get 100% bioavailability of micro and macronutrients directly to your blood stream and by passing the gastrointestinal tract. We have 2 basic kinds and will also tweak to make changes based on individual needs.

Immune: Hydration, fast recovery, illness prevention.

This is our basic cocktail with high concentrations of Vitamin C. In addition it contains high dose of B vitamins and other nutrients important for cell healing and repair, faster illness recovery, improve immune function and keep illnesses at bay! This is great for people recovering from common illnesses such as cold, cough, immune compromised and frequent travelers.

Recovery: Hydration, liver detox, and hangover relief.

These cocktail focuses on liver detox especially after hangovers, and uplift you quickly! The nutrients help clear free radicals, provide hydration and replenish the lost nutrients and get relief in headache, nausea and other inflammatory symptoms. This is great for hangovers, general hydration, chronic fatigue, and basic nutrient replenishment for athletes and runners.

IV Therapy Menu

Immunity 100ML   IV   $100
250ML   IV   $165
500ML   IV   $215
Recovery 100ML   IV   $100
250ML   IV   $165
500ML   IV   $215
Glutathione Push $50

Look Good, Feel Good, Live Longer.