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Our trained physicians always welcome new patients! New patients are tested with an extensive annual panel, annual physical exam, and imaging if needed. They might also be sent to specialists when required. Once testing has been completed, the doctor will set up a comprehensive medical protocol with you that may or may not include: prescriptions and supplementations, among others.

What You Need to Know

new patient integrative medicine and medical spa

New patients should bring:

    Any previous lab results from the past year.
    An updated medication list with the name of the drug, dosage, directions, and quantities.
    Insurance information.
    Form of ID.
    We send forms to all new patients once they've booked an appointment

New patients looking to join us at Del Mar Integrative Medicine & Med Spa can start by placing a call to our offices at (858) 925-8233. One of our staff members will help you to find a suitable time and day for your first appointment and may even be able to help you take care of pesky medical paperwork before you even have to step foot in the office.

Download New Patient Packet Form


Your First Visit

When you arrive on the day of your first appointment, you will check-in at the desk where one of our staff members will help you finish any paperwork you could not complete prior to your visit. At our practice, we take an integrative medicine approach to healthcare which involves understanding the prevention, management, and root causes of complex chronic diseases.
It is our belief that the key to better healthcare is helping patients and doctors develop good relationships, which is why we aim to make that first appointment as quick and painless as possible. When patients and doctors spend more of their visits face to face, patients see better care.

Call now at (858) 925-8233 and start your journey to better health and wellness!

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