Osteopathic Physician

Dr. Arnold Kremer, born and raised in Philadelphia, graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1974. He became certified in emergency medicine and moved to Southern California where he has practiced for 32 years. He came to realize that the reason people were having medical emergencies was largely because of bad health choices and lack of knowledge on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He committed his life to educating people on how to be healthy using natural supplements and avoiding pharmaceuticals where possible. He started Del Mar integrative medicine and Delmar functional medicine in 2014 and has since impacted thousands of patients. Functional medicine has allowed Dr. Kremer to get to the root causes of disease, working to prevent major systemic manifestations before they occur. Dr. Kremer enjoys a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise, and educates his patients how to achieve lasting physical, mental and spiritual health.