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Del Mar Integrative Medicine & Med Spa



Immigration Physicals

USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)
INS (Immigration Services) Immigration Physicals (cash pay service) 


This includes:
● A completed i-693 form with a sealed envelope.● Extra copies of completed i-693 form.● Civil surgeon’s signature.● Physical exam.
This DOES NOT include: Labs required nor Vaccinations.

Migration Medical Exam
  • What To Expect?

    After your initial physical examination, you will be sent to Scripps laboratory, or the laboratory of preference to be tested for:

    ● Quantiferon tuberculosis.
    ● Syphilis RPR.
    ● Gonorrhea.

  • Do I Need Any Vaccine?

    For most cases, patients will need these vaccinations (varies on age):

    ● Varicella (chickenpox): having had the disease counts as the vaccination.
    ● MMR (measles, mumps, rubella).
    ● TDAP (must be within the past 10 years).
    ● Flu vaccination (flu season is from October 1 – March 31).

    While labs are being run, you will be required to get any vaccinations are needed based on your age. Once everything is done, labs results completed and vaccinations done, we call you to come in to finalize your paperwork, and you’re done!

  • What to Bring to the First Appointment?

    For your first appointment, you will need to bring:
    ● The first two pages of the USCIS i-693 form. If you need an interpreter, please fill out pages 1-3.● Your passport or driver’s license (a form of identification).● Any vaccination records.