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What is Focused Compression Therapy (FCT)?

A unique, highly effective medical technology that is non-invasive and reduces the need for drugs or surgery.

Vital Health’s PW2 device transforms the mechanical energy of soundwaves into biochemical signals in target tissue. This acoustic compression triggers a cascade of cellular and molecular responses through a process called mechanotransduction.

FCT induced mechanotransduction supports recovery by stimulating microcirculation through the release of nitric oxide (NO), vasodilation and vascular angiogenesis, increased cellular metabolic rates, as well as providing pain relief via the release of substance P and inflammatory mediators.

Focused Compression Therapy (FCT) is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons and joints. The process also releases growth factors (blood vessels, epithelium, bones, collagen, etc.) and stimulates lubricin production and stem cells, thus promoting an environment for enhanced healing and a quicker return to normal activities.

How Does It Work?

The results of the mechanical stimulus delivered by FCT increases circulation for pain relief and recovery.  Mechanical stimuli affect almost all cellular functions of living tissue such as growth, cell differentiation, cell migration, protein synthesis, physiological apoptosis and tissue necrosis. The acoustic waves generated by the PW2 converge at a point deep within the soft tissue to produce an intense, extremely short duration compression burst. The precise targeting of tissue with Focused Compression provides a tool to influence cellular form and function, which can result in pain relief and improved circulation.


What Conditions Does FCT Treat?

Focused Compression Therapy can be used to treat an array of musculoskeletal conditions. Any area where connective tissue attaches to bone is a good candidate for acoustic therapy. 

Jumper’s Knee – Jumper's knee weakens your tendon, and, if untreated, can lead to tears in your tendon.Shoulder Pain – Shoulder pain can be caused by calcifications, impingement syndrome or frozen shoulder. It may feel dull, sharp or severe pain.Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow – Epicondylitis, often referred to as tennis elbow. With FCT therapy, downtime, pain medications and injections can be avoided. FCT therapy can deliver prompt pain relief and recovery after several sessions.Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis – Both conditions can be painful and limit your mobility. Heel spurs can happen as a reaction to stress and inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis.Achilles Tendinitis – Achilles’ tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. Insertional Pain – People with this condition often have tenderness directly over the insertion of the Achilles tendon.Chronic Tendinopathy – Repeated trauma can often result in chronic tendinitis.Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome – MTSS is commonly referred to as "shin splints" due to the location of pain over the shin bone.Calcifications – Calcifying tendinitis is a chronic pain disorder that causes calcifications in rotator cuff tendons causing pain and limited range of motion.Hip Pain – As cartilage wears down or is damaged, muscles and tendons of the hip can get overworked resulting in pain and further damage.Post Mastectomy scar tissue release – FCT helps to break up cording, scar tissue, muscle tightness and pectoral pain following a mastectomy


Focused Compression Therapy Benefits

● Shoulder Pain● Tennis Elbow● Heel spurs & Plantar Fascitis Achilles Tendinitis● Hip Pain● Post Mastectomy scar tissue Calcifications● Chronic Tendinopathy Insertional Pain


What is Pulsed PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and to stimulate organs.
The idea is that pulses at low frequencies will pass through the skin and penetrate deep into muscle, bones, tendons, and even organs to activate the cell’s energy and encourage its natural repair mechanisms.
PEMF is used as a non-invasive way to approach injuries, chronic pain, and chronic conditions such as depression and diabetes.

How does PEMF therapy work?

The idea behind it is that the energy pulses penetrate and stimulate cells at the inflammation site. Pulsed PEMF therapy sends magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with body’s natural magnetic field to stimulate healing.

PEMF’s stimulate every level of the body. When using matts, pads, rings or paddles externally, the electromagnetic pulses of energy penetrate the body at the cellular level. Your body then uses that energy to regenerate itself using it’s natural mechanisms.

Depending on the extent of the issue, PEMF’s can address a slight imbalance such as a pulled muscle, or it can be used to bring about a more substantial change over time.


Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy Benefits

Research by NASA and other bodies has found that PEMF therapy can deliver the following results:● Better circulation● Pain reduction● Improved muscle relaxation and performance● Decreased inflammation and swelling● Enhanced cellular repair and recovery● Improved immune system Better sleep

NASA has found that PEMF therapy offers rehabilitation benefits for astronauts returning from space. “Lack of gravity impacts bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system. The transition of astronauts from one gravity field to another is an intense experience that requires some time for them to adapt.”  PEMF has been found by NASA researchers to significantly stimulate tissue growth and repair, enhance cell function, and moderate some neurodegenerative diseases.


Vital PEMF is a device, with a special mat to apply the magnetic pulses throughout the entire body. A natural frequency is sent to your body, nurturing your cells and restoring your body to good health. The frequencies are regularly reversed, so your body maintains equilibrium. The Vital PEMF mat is flexible and practical. 
Literally, there are so many benefits to a regular PEMF therapy session.