Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Del Mar, CAPlatelet Rich Plasma, or “PRP”, is a therapy that utilizes the patient’s own blood in repairing joint function and rejuvenate collagen. We draw a small amount of blood from the patient, spin it down so that the blood separates into its respective components based on their density: plasma, platelets, and red blood cells.

We then draw up the platelets and plasma and inject it into the joint space, providing a concentrated dose of your own natural growth factors in order to promote lasting tissue repair and revitalization. This can help repair damaged ligaments and tendons, degraded cartilage, arthritic conditions, and reduce pain.

In addition to improve joint function, we offer PRP facials, which includes PRP and microneedling to the face. We have two PRP facials: PRP facelift and PRP with only microneedling. 

Depending on what type of PRP service you are interested in, our price ranges from $600-800.

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