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What is our approach to functional Medicine?

Our doctor-led Functional Medicine is a holistic, patient-empowered approach to better health. We address the root causes of your health concerns by using the latest technology in diagnostic testing along with proprietary, interactive life mapping tools to uncover many overlooked medical conditions. Incorporating specific lab testing, nutrition, stress management, lifestyle, exercise, and supplementation, we guide you in your wellness journey to treat the underlying triggers of your persistent symptoms to optimize your health for your best life.

Del Mar Integrative Medicine & Med Spa

Doctor-Led Functional Medicine
Our caring practitioners guide youin your wellness journey.

Del Mar Functional Medicine

Arnold Kremer, D.O. Osteopathic Physician 

Sandi Star, HHP, CNCHolistic Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist 

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I can’t thank you enough for helping me feel better through eating healthy! I have my life back and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. I don’t know where I would be without your guidance. Thank You.


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Discover the three body systems we focus on to get to the root of your chronic health conditions.

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